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References are one of the most important parts of your resume. With all the information that you have placed on that piece of paper, your potential employers will not just believe everything that they have read. They need those references to confirm whether or not you are telling the truth or you are just magnifying something out of proportion.

Now that you know how important these references are in your resume and how they will affect the result of your job hunt, you should know which ones to put and which ones are irrelevant for your job application. Here are some pointers from the mashedjobs.com website to use as guidelines when putting in references to your resume.

1. Include prominent and credible people that you have a good relationship with to confirm your qualities as a person and as an employee.

2. Make sure that you place in correct mailing addresses and contact numbers so that your potential employer can easily verify the information on your resume.

3. Add your dean or school head along with your previous bosses or employers and use their names in the most honest manner. Make sure that you give them a heads up so they are ready when someone calls them about you.