What Women Wants from a Men – 5 Things!

An opportunity that is lost is the one not prepared for. This is the problem with most men and women who see their relationship prospect disappear before their eyes. Knowing what women want in a man will help to keep a lasting, promising love relationship.

Now, there are certain things that can make a man to score a great point with a woman to whom he is attracted. In fact, most women will tend to fall for such men that have attractive characteristics.

So, here are 5 points of attraction that make up what women want in a man.

1. Comedic Attitude: This is not making yourself a puppet to look funny. It is all about being humorous. Don’t be too stem, learn to smile and laugh; seize every issue or circumstance that could be of good humor to make her feel elated. Such humour must not make her feel ridiculed.

2. Influence: Women tend to fall for men of high class, status or position in a place or within an organization. You wouldn’t be surprised that many girls would flock round their pastor if he is single. A brilliant guy in a class would command attention from some girls. Influence has made some famous men to have untold number of female fans.

3. Attractive appearance: Women also like men who are good looking. Therefore, it is important to be neat, tidy and up-to-date in appearance. Putting on an old, rugged cowboy outfit is a no-no. Be simple and moderate; there may not be need for the latest fashion. Never look older than your age too!

4. Wealth: Believe it or not, women want financial security. They are most likely to fall for a wealthy man. It’s a natural tendency in this kind of economy. However, you don’t have to run yourself down in trying to get rich. Money can’t buy true love. Just make sure you have a job if you are getting married.

5. Winning personality: if you are not a famous, a wealthy or an influential person, you have a great shot that you can still use to get a woman, and that is your personality. Build yourself to have attractive personality traits such as high self-esteem, confidence, friendliness, humility, caring attitude, truthfulness, etc. All of these are what women want in a man. They are fundamental to a happy love life.

When we talk about personality, it doesn’t mean that the male organ you born with. HUGE size is not important if you are are good love maker. You must know how to use your male organ in better ways with purpose!

Prince and Princes

Whichever one you have, use it and improve on it. Invariably, all men should score at least 4 out of 5, and the four points must not exclude good sense of humour, an attractive appearance and a wining personality.

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