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How much weight can I lose on the Body Fuel System?
body fuel systemYou can lose all the weight you want to lose! You can achieve your ideal weight when you follow the nutritional principles taught in this System. Watch this video for more information

You will see and feel the results right away. Most people lose anywhere from 4-8 lbs just in the first week. While some of the initial weight that comes off can be water weight, remember that we retain water to deal with inflammation created from eating the wrong foods. After the first week, weight loss should average 1-2 pounds per week, and when combined with a fitness program may increase.

Can I get rid of cellulite and strechmarks?

Yes, it is possible. However, this program is nutrition based; to get rid of cellulite you need to perform exercise. Female fat free solution is ideal program to enhance your shape.

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Alternatives to Detoxification Methods

There are many people who insist that detoxification of the body is essential to keeping your body clean of foreign substances and making yourself healthier. However, there are plenty of other ways to accomplish these same goals without going through specific rigorous and intense detoxification instructions.

Even though detoxification methods have proven themselves effective, and thousands of people do adhere to them, here are some other detoxification methods that you may or may not have thought about. While Venus factor VFX body program is not a detoxification program it certainly helps you to get better shape in no time. Click here for more info!


This alternative detoxification method is already used by very many people throughout the world, and it is a very old practice that has recently been popular in Western society and the United States. The principle of aromatherapy, though, rests on the fact that breathing in vapors and scents through certain aromas will help the body rid itself of the toxins. These specific aromas that can be used can usually be purchased at health food and other grocery stores.

Some of the aromatherapy can be used while giving yourself a hot bath or shower. If taking a bath then the oils and vapors can be added directly to the water that you’re soaking in. People believe that the toxins in the body will leave once the water, vapors, and oils are soaked into the skin, as well as breathed in through the nose. Aromatherapy definitely is an interesting alternative to following rigid detoxification methods, though, and there are people all over the world that claim that it works just as well, if not better.


Just like aromatherapy, acupuncture was used in Eastern societies many centuries ago and it has come to Western societies today in order to bring good health to everyone. Acupuncture can be used as an alternative to detoxification because it is believed that the needles that are placed in the skin have something to do with the pressure points on the body.

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These pressure points, though, the pressure of the needles, will be able to relax and detoxify the body. There are all sorts of people who perform acupuncture on a regular basis, and many people contend that acupuncture is an excellent alternative to drinking natural juices, soups, and other raw vegetables for a whole week, which is what many detoxification methods require.

Healthy Diet

Among other things, studies have shown that people who engage in healthy diets will be healthier than others across the board. Millions of people continue to eat healthy everyday, having whole wheat sandwiches instead of Big Macs, cooking eggs instead of eating restaurant eggs, as well as just eating better in general.

However some people take extreme route by taking supplements like phentermine375 (read the review here)Putting yourself on a healthy diet will probably benefit you more than any other detoxification method ever could simply because you are not restricting yourself to what you can eat. On the other hand, detoxification methods usually call upon the body to give up food for one or two days while pureed and blended juices need to be digested.

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All in all, though, these are some definite alternative detoxification methods that truly work. Even though many people still engage in detoxification methods because they work, it is certainly nice to know that there are other alternatives available.

Eye Conditions That Can Sometimes Be Self-Treated

Sty – or sometimes known as hordeolum is one of the most common eye disorders there is. The glands in the eyelid get inflamed. A nodule appears and may appear as a small pimple on the eyelid.

A hot compress is recommended to relieve the condition. Apply it several times every day until the sty disappears. Unattended stys may require a course of antibiotics if it does not go away with the hot compresses.

Close your eye before doing this!

Conjunctivitis or “red eye” is a condition where the eye is bloodshot in appearance and may have pus-like discharge especially in the morning. The eyes may be itchy or not. There are several eye drops that are available to treat this condition although a trip to the eye doctor is recommended.

Foreign substance – dust, eyelashes, lint or other extraneous material may deposit itself in the eye thus causing irritation. Rubbing the eye will worsen the situation. It is better to wash the affected eye with clean water or allow yourself to produce tears so that the object can be washed out.  could be used as a temporary solution only.

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Wash your hands constantly, especially before handling your face. Clean hands reduce the risk for contracting any illness and disorder. It’s better to do preventive action than to be sorry later on.